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7 ways to optimize your server for WordPress


For getting a better speed on your WordPress website, you need to optimize it. You need a fast site so that visitors can have a great experience. It will also help to rank your site higher on search engines.

Enable dynamic caching

By adding dynamic caching, you can improve the speed of your site. You need some server configuration for the caching to work properly.

Enable gZIP compression

Enabling the gZIP compression fro images, CSS and JavaScript files can reduce the size of data transferred between the visitors and server. The browser will decompress the images or contents before rendering it. It lowers the loading times of pages.

Use a CDN

Content delivery networks (CDN) clone your site on all of their location nodes.  So, when a visitor requests your site, it will be served by the server location that is near.

Optimize your images

If you optimize your images, the speed of your site will increase. Use the proper size of pictures. Scale images with HTML before uploading. Smush your images to get rid of additional data from images.


Shorten your JavaScript and CSS files

By eliminating unnecessary data like comments, double spaces, etc. from CSS and JavaScript files you can lower the sizes of these files.

Specify browser caching

Decide for how long the visitor’s browsers will catch your images, JS, CSS and Flash files. New contents replace the cached content after the specified time.

Optimize WordPress Database

You should optimize your WordPress database frequently. It will help to increase the speed of your WordPress site.

Using the above techniques, you can increase the speed of your site. This way, you can attract more visitors to your site.

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