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Top 5 mistakes to avoid choosing hosting packages


To many people, choosing a web hosting plan is quite straightforward. They go for the renowned providers without giving much thought. That’s when they fall into a trap. If you decide to host a site with high traffic and plans to expand your business, then you should choose a hosting provider that will give high-quality service. Here are the five basic mistakes that most people make in choosing hosting packages.

1. Choosing ‘unlimited’ package

Those providers who claim ‘unlimited’ options have something fictitious about them. The package may go all right for the first few months. Then you will start experiencing slow speed. There are limitations in any ‘unlimited’ package, and you must be aware of them.

2. Choosing a shared plan

The cheapest plan is not necessarily the best one. Shared hosting plans are cheap, but they provide limited functions. In most shared hosting plans, the customer needs to pay for a year in advance. You should be careful before choosing such plan.

3. Buying from a reseller

There are many resellers in the market now. They get their server from other service providers. They gain profit by acting as a middleman. These resellers will never provide the same service as an original hosting provider. So, you will be paying the same amount for a lower quality service from a reseller.


4. Choosing a vendor without 24-hour support service

Support service is critical; you shouldn’t overlook it. Even if a hosting provider costs less without support service, they will make you suffer in the long run. So, make sure you select a provider that has 24-hour support service available.

5. Buying a plan that offers more services than you need

If you have a small business, then it’s not a good idea to go for an expensive dedicated server. Never buy a plan that provides excessive service, which you may never use.

Do your research well before choosing a hosting plan. Try to avoid the mistakes just discussed. You should understand the plans well before finally deciding which one to choose.

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