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How to use SEO for WordPress


WordPress is highly in contact with Google. However, your WordPress will only be effective with Google using a correct optimisation. You can easily make a few changes so that Google can recognise your WordPress site. Let’s take a look at the following changes you can make to start you on track with SEO.

Edit Meta Description

What is a Meta description? It’s a description that appears below your page title and your URL on an online search engine. The description is short, so you can only write up to 160 characters. Optimising this section is highly important for SEO. Keep in mind that the meta description is uneditable. However, there are useful plugins you can use such as Yoast which allows you to add your description. If you don’t create your meta description, then Google will automatically make one up for you. Therefore it’s important that you edit them otherwise Google’s description will most likely have a random description about your site.

Duplicate content

A copy of another content is completely against Google’s policy. Google can be suspicious with contents, especially if you are not using tags or archives. Be sure to make use of WordPress features and plugins so that your WordPress is visible to Google. Otherwise, Google will think your content is spam.

Change your page name

Like the meta description, Google will also make up an auto page name for you. If your permalink doesn’t have a title, then Google will have no clue of your content. It’s important you change the page name with your content so that Google will know about your content. You can easily change your permalinks on your WordPress dashboard.

In conclusion, a few tweaking on your WordPress will ultimately make a positive difference on your SEO.

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