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How to get the most out of your web hosting services

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In order to get the most from a web host company, you must first take stock of your need for resources and the budget that you have to spend on a proper hosting service. A basic knowledge of the different types of web hosts will help you determine what kind of service you need.

A shared hosting service is the cheapest kind of web host company. Some of them are even free. However, with a shared hosting company, you give up the fast customer service and the dedicated resource base that many companies need when they scale up. A shared hosting service also offers the least amount of flexibility when it comes to web design and third-party application support. Many businesses will use shared web host to test search engine optimisation techniques before moving on to a more comprehensive web host company.

A virtual private server is a scalable, cost-effective hosting solution that many small businesses and startups are using to good benefit. Although a virtual private server is still literally a shared server, it contains many aspects of a dedicated server. The virtual private server is used by many up-and-coming medium sized businesses that are experiencing good growth prospects.

A dedicated server is used by most corporations and large businesses that have a need to protect proprietary information or handle large amounts of web traffic. Dedicated servers also usually mean dedicated customer support. If you have a large business with a loyal traffic base, the dedicated server may be the solution for you.

You can take the dedicated server one step further through co-location. With the shared server, virtual private server and dedicated server hosting solutions, the server is owned by the hosting company. With colocation, the server is owned by the customer and is simply house by the hosting company. This guarantees an added level of security and gives the company even quicker customer service and turnaround time.

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